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          CAS-YN450纳微复合保温毡的运用 Application of CAS-YN450

          浏览:51 发布日期:2020-07-17



          YN450 nanoporous composite thermal insulation felt is composed of high-quality and high-performance inorganic fiber and nano filler powder. It is a kind of high cost performance thermal insulation felt suitable for medium and low temperature. It can be used between -40℃ and 450℃, especially at 0-200℃, the thermal conductivity increases slowly with the temperature and the thermal insulation effect is the best. It is a cost-effective thermal insulation material applicable for petrochemical industry, rail transit, new energy vehicles, air conditioning duct, storage tank, steam pipe and other fields.



          YN450 nanoporous composite thermal insulation felt has the following features:

          1. 不燃 Non-combustible



          According to GB/T8624-2012 Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials, it meets the Class A1 non-combustible requirements.

          2. 低导热 Low thermal conductivity



          The breakthrough thermal conductivity at room temperature is ≤ 0.032/m.k, and the thermal conductivity increases slowly with the increase of temperature.

          3. 振动不下坠,可循环利用 No deformation under vibration, recyclable



          The fiber has good flexibility and resilience, and is not easy to break. It will not deform on the equipment and pipelines with slight vibration. During maintenance of the factory, the materials that are not polluted or damaged can also be reused.

          4. 耐湿性好 Weatherproof



          Moisture will not damage the structure and performance of the material. After drying, the material can still be used, which will hardly affect the performance of the material itself.

          5. 效能费用比高 Cost-effective



          The thermal conductivity of YN450 nanoporous composite thermal insulation felt is very low from 0℃ to 200℃, and hardly increases after long-term use. ① For 0-200℃ equipment and pipelines, YN450 can be directly used; ② For 200-650℃ equipment and pipelines, the surface temperature and heat loss can be well reduced when combined with CAS-A0 nanoporous thermal insulation felt. Under the condition of normal use, it can be reused for many times in 20 years theoretically, and the efficiency cost ratio is high.


          6. YN450技术指标 Technical indicators

          7. 实际案例 Cases